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NUVRINO PVC Leather collections meets a variety of requirements for aesthetics, cost and performance.

A good companion for those who like fresh ideas yet still have simple design. A wide selection of pattern & colour range to meet a perfect combination of quality & cost efficiency for your interior needs.

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A wide selection of Elana colors from NUVRINO with uric and glossy effect to make your sofa more stylish


This choice of color from Lumina collection by NUVRINO presents a fresh touch with an earthy atmosphere into your room. Lumina brings the effect of abstract grain with attractive earthy colors in its collection.


Smooth leather grain and subtle color for more elegant look


PVC Leather


PVC Leather


PVC Leather


PVC Leather


PVC Leather

Custom Made – Glory

Bronish and reddish for natural look & design

Custom Made – Milano

Enjoy nature, feel the breezing wind, let the sun warm your day. Technology leather that performs beyond genuine leather. Microfiber man-made leather performing more than regular leather. Featuring bold protection from bacteria and UV light for heavy duty usage in indoor & outdoor interior, automotive and marine.

Custom Made – Sofrina

Genuine leather embossing and softness for luxurious minimalist design.

Custom Made – Venezia

Eye-catching lively colors and random printing on top of leather grain.

Custom Made – Leder Kloth

Exotic suede with leather grain embossing for classic lifestyle

Custom Made – Luxior Regina

Natural wood colour and solid wood grain embossing

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